American Housewife S04E19 [Torrent] [1080p]

After Anna-Kat’s big win with The Wildflower Girls, the Ottos head to California for an all-expenses paid family vacation. But when her birthday coincides with their trip, Katie is determined to have a relaxing kid-free day, one where she and Greg are free to do whatever they want. Meanwhile, Taylor loses all her money on Hollywood Boulevard and Anna-Kat is forced into busking to get them out of trouble; and after crashing their trip, Cooper surprises Katie by making her birthday wish come true.

American Housewife Season 4 Episode 19


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American Housewife S04E17 [Torrent] [1080p]

Katie reminds Anna-Kat that she is a strong, independent, young woman and encourages her to start standing up for herself when dealing with Taylor. Meanwhile, Oliver feels left out when Greg invites Lonnie, Trip and Franklin to join him at the Historical Guild’s latest reenactment.

American Housewife Season 4 Episode 17


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American Housewife S04E15 [Torrent] [1080p]

Katie finds an old piece of furniture in the basement and sets out to recreate her and Greg’s first apartment, reminiscent of a time when life was simpler. Meanwhile, Greg enjoys an unexpected benefit of being the victim of Lonnie’s relentless practical jokes.

American Housewife Season 4 Episode 15


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