Cold Justice S06E07 [Torrent] [1080p]

In Colorado, Kelly and Abbey work with the Crowley County Sheriff’s Office to search for new clues in the fatal shooting of a mother of six, that was initially considered a suicide. Their investigation exposes a heart-breaking trail of secrets hidden for 25 years.

Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 7


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Cold Justice S06E06 [Torrent] [1080p]

n Arkansas, Kelly and Steve work with the Jonesboro Police Department to investigate the 2016 homicide of Stacey Devine, a hard-working mother who was strangled to death and dumped in a ditch. Was it a random act of violence or did her strained marriage factor into her murder?

Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 6


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Cold Justice S06E02 [Torrent] [1080p]

Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 2


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