Disenchantment S02E01 – S02E10 [Torrent] [1080p]

Disenchantment S02E01 – S02E10

Princess Tiabeanie “Bean” is the roughhousing 19-year-old alcoholic princess of Dreamland who is destined to be married to Prince Guysbert, the son of the incestuous king and queen of Bentwood. While looking through her gifts, Bean receives a demon named Luci who was sent by two dark mages hoping to turn Bean to evil. Luci ends up being a fun-loving troublemaker who sympathizes with Bean’s predicament as she feels that the marriage is simply so that her father, King Zøg, can be more powerful. Meanwhile, Elfo, an optimistic elf, is disillusioned with his candy making happy life and leaves the elf realm much to the consternation of his people.

Season 2 Complete


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