Last Man Standing S08E21 [Torrent] [1080p]

Eve returns home for a weekend visit and Vanessa tries to recreate a childhood tradition for the girls… without Mike. Meanwhile, Jen asks Ed and Chuck for help in finding out who is stealing her work lunches and Kristin’s big day finally arrives.

Last Man Standing Season 8 Episode 21


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Last Man Standing S08E20 [Torrent] [1080p]

When Kyle and Mandy individually reveal a secret to Mike and Vanessa respectively, they are sworn not to tell the other. Meanwhile, Ryan invites Mike to be a guest on his podcast and Vanessa and the girls devise a plan to pay back a ride waiter.

Last Man Standing Season 8 Episode 20


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Last Man Standing S08E19 [Torrent] [1080p]

When Rev. Paul recruits Kyle and Mandy to the church bowling team, Mike is left with two unappealing options for Team Baxter – Ryan and Jen. Meanwhile, Vanessa anxiously awaits an endorsement from the Teacher’s Association for her Assembly campaign and Kristin and Chuck worry they have offended Ed with their old age jokes.

Last Man Standing Season 8 Episode 19


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Last Man Standing S08E17 [Torrent] [1080p]

When Mike and Vanessa invite Jen’s father to her graduation, Jen struggles with accepting his “plus one” – his girlfriend, Fiona. Meanwhile, the Outdoor Man crew debate over which word was said in a viral audio recording that’s been tearing the internet apart.

Last Man Standing Season 8 Episode 17


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Last Man Standing S08E14 [Torrent] [1080p]

Last Man Standing S08E14 Season 8, Episode 14 – “This Too Shall Bass”

After finding out that Ed is skipping Oudoorman’s Annual Bass Festival for Bonnie’s fancy art gala, Mike attempts to convince his mother-in-law to have a change of heart. Meanwhile, Mandy takes over festival planning for Kristin and things don’t go as planned.


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