Liar S02E06 [Torrent] [1080p]

Now reunited with Katy, Laura takes drastic measures to hold the person framing her to account in a last-ditch bid for her freedom. But first, she must discover his identity and where he’s hiding. To achieve what she needs to prove her innocence, she’ll be forced to collude with the most surprising of people. The shocking truth of what happened on the morning Andrew died is finally revealed.

Liar Season 2 Episode 6


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Liar S02E05 [Torrent] [1080p]

Andrew is pushed to the edge and as he runs out of options, he concocts a plan to take drastic measures. But first, he will need help. In the present day, a vital piece of evidence comes to light and Laura seeks to discover its origin. Now in a desperate position, she must use all her wits to get the information she needs, but with Katy and Liam’s assistance, she is led to a startling new suspect.

Liar Season 2 Episode 5


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